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Outdoor Event

Recent Events Done By Genres Ad Pvt. Ltd.

Our Recent Events

Event organized at
Orissa Judicial Academy, Cuttack 

One more success story about the inaugural ceremony of the national conference on digitization, paperless courts, and e-initiatives at Orissa Judicial Academy.

( MAY 6-7, 2023 )

Event organised on International Women's Day at Mina Bazar, Berhmpur
( MARCH 8, 2023 )

GenresAd have successfully managed Hon’ble CM sir’s virtual event at Shergargh, Ganjam with many odd circumstances and 36 hours of short time in such remote area.
( MAY 31, 2023 )

Genres successfully organised an event titled ‘Elixir 2023’ , at the Roland Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brahmapur.

( JULY 21, 2023 )

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