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Genres Ad Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Genres – Where Creativity Meets Excellence!

At Genres, we are the architects of imagination, the maestros of innovation, and the storytellers of success. We are a pioneering creative house, dedicated to crafting extraordinary experiences and solutions across four diverse domains: Advertising, Event & Promotions, Digital Marketing, and Printing & Signage. Established in 2016, we have since carved a niche for ourselves in the world of creativity and have played a pivotal role in countless successful projects in advertising and events.


Our Expertise:


Advertising: At Genres, we are the architects of compelling stories. We specialize in branding and promotion, crafting narratives that resonate with audiences. From TVC Ad Film Making and documentary Films to impactful Outdoor Advertising and IEC Campaigns, we make brands shine in the spotlight.

Branding & Promotion: We're masters of creating and nurturing brands. Our team specializes in crafting unique and compelling brand identities that resonate with your audience. From logos to brand guidelines, we're here to make your brand shine.

TVC Ad Film Making: Lights, camera, action! Our talented filmmakers bring stories to life. We create TVC Ad Films that leave a lasting impact and connect with viewers on an emotional level.


Documentary Film Making: We believe in the power of storytelling. Our documentary films are not just informative but also captivating. We've worked on a wide range of topics, capturing the essence of each subject with finesse.

Outdoor Advertising: When it comes to outdoor advertising, we think big. From billboards to transit ads, our outdoor campaigns are designed to grab attention and make a statement.


IEC Campaigns: Information, Education, and Communication - Our IEC campaigns are powerful tools for raising awareness and influencing behavior. We're experts at delivering important messages effectively.



Event & Promotions Pioneers:
We are masters of creating memorable experiences. Genres boasts expertise in arranging a wide spectrum of events, including corporate events, trade fairs, college campus events, and public entertainment events. Celebrate management and IEC Campaigns are also in our wheelhouse. With over 500 successful events to our name, we are your trusted event partner.


Digital Marketing Excellence:
Our in-house digital marketing team is the driving force behind online success. We specialize in online campaigns, lead generation, influencer marketing, and more. We harness the power of the digital realm to elevate your brand's presence and engagement.


Printing & Signage:
Under our wing, we have "PrintCraft," an in-house printing and signage setup. With precision and expertise, we offer a wide array of services, including 3M Retro Print, Road Safety SignBoard, LED Sign Board, Airport Sign Board, Digital and offset Print, and Flex SignBoard. Quality and creativity are our hallmarks.


Our Credentials:

Registered under ROC Cuttack: Genres is a registered entity under the Registrar of Companies, Cuttack. This official recognition underscores our commitment to operating with professionalism and integrity.


Recognized by Startup India & Startup Odisha: We take pride in being recognized by Startup India & Startup Odisha, a government initiative that champions innovation and entrepreneurship. This recognition fuels our passion for pushing creative boundaries.


Our Journey:

Since our inception in 2016, we have been more than service providers; we have been creative partners. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in a multitude of successful projects in advertising and events. We have been instrumental in bringing ideas to life, producing captivating documentaries and Ad Films for corporate and government clients.

At Genres, we don't just offer services; we offer a partnership in creativity. We strive to make the ordinary extraordinary, the mundane unforgettable, and the brands we touch truly iconic. Join us in exploring the boundless possibilities in Advertising, Event & Promotions, Digital Marketing, and Printing & Signage. Welcome to Genres, where creativity knows no limits!

How we can make a Difference?

Our access to the market and wide reach have helped us develop
• Expertise in strategy planning
• Contemporary practices in communication


Genres Ad Pvt. Ltd. is a recognized Startup under "Startup India" & and "Startup Odisha"

Our Vision

To Understand and Visualize the requirements of our clients, in keeping with the latest trends and changes in the industry.

Our Mission

  • Aid the Commercial Growth of our clients.

  • Provide immediate response and timely execution of works

  • Help clients achieve their goals through niche marketing strategies.

We believe in customizing the advertising needs of our Clients!

Advertising is an indivisible part of every organization today. Besides building a brand identity and introducing new products and services to the people, it is also the best avenue for maintaining a buzz around the company and its products and services while boosting its sales. Advertising can be through traditional or modern modes, depending on the requirements of the organization.

At Genres Ad, we believe in customizing the advertising needs of our clients based on the industry and the audience. Accordingly, we provide the traditional mode of advertising to some companies through print ads, outdoors, radio jingles, TV and theater commercials; and modern advertising to others through online ads, digital signage, and smartphone ads. We can also provide a perfect combination of both if necessary.

Although addressing advertising needs is our core strength, we also design and execute social and business events with great success. Additionally, we help in developing marketing collateral and business communications and printing them. We also have an adequate press office to generate the right buzz in the business world.


Digital needs are a primary requirement in every company today, we strive to fulfill the website designing and development needs of our esteemed clients too.

What you can count on Us:
  • Strong local presence

  • Fresh thinking & and strategic planning

  • A marked ‘difference’ to the quality and reach of your communication

Genres Ad - Beyond Advertising!
  • Expanded into event management and is organizing National and International conferences and seminars across India.

  • Outdoor Branding - Make My Hoarding.

  • Complete creative support for press, TV, Events, Exhibitions, and other media.

  • Cost-effective and quality print production

  • Shortest turnaround time for all jobs

  • Market research, promos, launches, roadshows, etc.

  • Additionally, our prior experience in People development programs

  • All India networks & and resources add more value to our offering.

Advertising_agency_and_Event_management_company_in_Odisha_Genres_ Ad
Advertising_agency_and_Event_management_company_in_Odisha_ Genres_Ad
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