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Updated: Feb 14, 2023


Incredible, unexpected, or possibly an adverse impact? These are a few phrases that can convey what consumers think of guerrilla marketing initiatives. These initiatives have a wider audience and a greater impact when well executed. There were a few instances, though, where brands didn't produce the outcomes that were anticipated.

In this post, we'll discuss guerilla marketing, a direct form of advertising that can aid all types of businesses in attracting clients, no matter how big or little. Results depend on your inventiveness and how well the campaign is executed, just like with any other form of marketing.

What is Guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a kind of marketing in which businesses employ unexpected, extraordinary, or unorthodox interactions to market their goods. Guerrilla marketing was used whenever you noticed an uncommon style of advertising.

Jay Conrad Levinson is credited with popularising guerilla marketing. He outlines the idea in his 1984 book. Guerrilla marketing was initially considered a solution for brave small businesses. Big brands may, however, utilise this type of marketing successfully, as was discovered over time.

Guerrilla marketing is risky, which is something that all brands must keep in mind when attempting to apply it. Customers generally respond favourably to content marketing, POP displays, and event marketing as they are secure strategies. A mishandled guerrilla marketing strategy, though, might seriously harm your company's reputation.

Why is guerilla marketing a better option?

The new always works. It is better, more original, stimulating, appealing, and innovative. You may make the ideal Guerrilla Marketing dish by combining all of these ingredients with the seasoning of promotions. Due to its novelty, guerilla marketing is effective and has a high success rate. For their qualities, advantages, and facilities, people favour goods and services. But when marketing is original and relatable, people enjoy it. The first step in turning your viewers into customers is to develop original communication.

The characteristics of guerilla marketing:

The characteristics of guerilla marketing:

1. It is original, perceptive, and unexpected. A surprise component is necessary for guerrilla marketing. A solid standard marketing approach, nothing more.

2. It might be reasonably priced.

3. It's novel or makes use of cutting-edge technology.

4. It generates buzz and has the potential to become viral. This encourages word-of-mouth advertising, which, according to statistics, accounts for 54% of all purchase choices.

5. It is not a wise choice for brands who are afraid of taking risks.

6. It doesn't depend on conventional media outlets

7. It is not a channel-specific tactic. To distribute the message or run a guerrilla campaign, you need to select the ideal channel mix.

Let's look at some of the best - and worst - guerrilla marketing initiatives now that we've established what guerilla marketing is all about.

Successful Guerrilla marketing campaigns:

1. McDonald's makes you cross the street for fries:

McDonald's uses creative marketing strategies for some of their goods. A crosswalk was changed into a bag of fries, and a streetlight was changed into a cup of coffee.

2. 3Mr. Clean going to the streets:

Mr. Clean came up with a fantastic, original, and humorous way to advertise their cleaning supplies back in 2014. They demonstrated how their products operate by repainting a section of the crossing, and they didn't even require a significant marketing expenditure because images of their campaign were widely disseminated online.

3. Duracell’s contextual ads:

Utilize what is already available. Duracell did just that, and their guerilla marketing strategy was successful. To demonstrate the strength of a Duracell battery, they merely placed flashlight stickers and posters in locations that were already lit up. Simple but powerful.

4. Tata Salt: Sehat Ki Chuski:

One of the most significant celebrations in the Hindu religion is the Rath Yatra. The event is annually held at the little seaside town of Puri in the Indian state of Odisha with great fanfare. On the great path, close to 15 million people assemble to accompany Lord Jagannath and his siblings to their maternal aunt's home. Dehydration, however, becomes a significant issue when 15 million people congregate in a street of a small town in the summer when the weather is humid. Making lemon stick ice cream from ORS solution and giving it to followers was Tata Salt's creative answer to the devil of dehydration.

5. Dalda: Divya Darshan:

We now present to you another brand that carried out a successful guerrilla marketing test during the Rath Yatra in Puri. When 15 million people are attempting to see Lord of the Lords Jagannath and his siblings, getting sight of them is a challenging task. Dalda, therefore, created a device that turned empty Dalda bottles into telescopes! Many young people and the elderly were able to readily observe the deities with the aid of these telescopes. The name Divya Darshan for these telescopes is really appropriate.

Small businesses used guerrilla marketing in the beginning to increase recognition. But over time, the cleverest and most creative brands adopted this strategy to draw in customers. This type of marketing depends on the brand's image to be effective. The campaign has the potential to go viral if it stands out from the competition and attracts customers' attention.

You should build a plan to incorporate a suitable campaign for your company now that you are aware of the advantages of guerrilla marketing. But before jumping in headfirst, you must conduct a thorough market analysis. Hiring the ideal full-service advertising firm is the ideal response to this. Maintain your promotions, and your brand will increase tenfold. Call a reputable advertising firm right now.

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