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Updated: Oct 18, 2022


1-Genres Ad Pvt. Ltd

2-Enter10 Business Ventures Pvt. Ltd:

3-Auromira Entertainment Pvt Ltd

4-Sanket Communications-Advertising Agency

5-Limeli8 Creative Works Pvt Ltd | AV Studio




In the very competitive environment of today, advertising is quite vital. Whether a producer, trader, or customer, advertising is one thing that has become essential to everyone in today's day-to-day existence. An essential component is advertising. One of a company's most important aspects can be its advertising and Genres AD is the best marketing and event management company in Odisha. It is the closest and most crucial relationship to the customer. Customers are more inclined to visit your establishment when they identify with an advertisement.

Everyone becomes "Atmanirbhar" during this period of enhancement. Additionally, this idea has a significant impact on every Indian. In both India and Odisha, the number of startups has significantly increased. So many established MSME exist. Advertising is also necessary for their marketing to flourish in order to grow their business. Listed below are some of the top advertising and event management firms in Odisha.

Below is a list of the top 5 event and advertising management companies

1. Genres Ad Pvt. Ltd:

1.1 About:

Genres is a single-window, government-approved startup with approval from both Startup India and Startup Odisha and ISO 9001:2015 certification that offers all types of advertising and promotion needs, including logo design, collateral, IEC campaigns, outdoor branding, digital marketing, and event promotion. Among genres, print craft is a unit (ISO Certified Startup India & StartUp Odisha). For business necessities, marketing necessities, apparel and bags, labels and stickers, packaging, and printing, there is "ONE SHOP STOP" for both digital printing and offset printing.

1.2 Services provided by Genres:

It arranges all types of events as well as meets all marketing and promotional demands. Here are a few services provided by genres:

  • Corporate Events

  • Ad & Documentary Film