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Why Advertising is Important !!!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Have you ever considered that you may recognize a product without seeing it advertised?

Do you trust a product you've never seen advertised on television or in posters?

Many questions emerge in your mind if the product is not adequately advertised through various forms of advertising: if it is acceptable or not, whether it is harmful or beneficial, and so on.

From the answers to the preceding questions, it is apparent that advertising is the most important component in recognizing a product, a service, an idea, and so on.

Advertising :

To encourage a customer to make a purchase decision, marketing communication is used to raise awareness of a product or service. It is basically a company promotion tool for marketing everything and anything under one roof. It is a technique for gaining and maintaining brand recognition for a product, brand, idea, or service.

There are now two types of advertising :

  1. Organic advertising

  2. Paid advertising

Paid advertising can be done in a variety of ways.

Advertisement Important For Business.

Forms of advertising :

It takes several forms, including television ads, placement of goods, newspapers, advertisements in magazines, advertisement on billboard, online Radio. Even people in the form of incentives, Internet Posters, and much more.

Its goal is to educate the target audience about the business or event being marketed in order to raise awareness among a larger audience.

For example, there are a plethora of shoe brands on the market that come into the same product category and are used for the same purpose. The way marketers convey the product's USP makes a tremendous difference in the minds of viewers. Many times, we've seen marketers use aspects in their advertisements. There could be a social component, such as shattering stereotypes, health considerations, or simply a celebratory atmosphere.

For example, during the Christmas holidays, we see the same product presented in a variety of ways to create an appealing mood in terms of attractiveness and usage.

Why adverting is important :

Advertising is essential for business in the following aspects;

1. Crucial to launch :

The launching (introduction) of a fresh new product, service, or concept in the market necessitates the use of advertising.If a product, service, or idea is advertised correctly in the right area, through the right media, and within a certain time frame, it might attract a large number of new clients. It aids in the conquest of a market and the rise of an advertiser's revenues.

2. Source of revenue generation :

For publishers of mass media such as newspapers, TV channels, magazines, and websites, advertising is a major source of revenue.The cost of processing any meaningful information is typically more than the cost of selling it. Various data gathering and information-processing operations, such as research (investigation), professional writing, editing, proofreading, publication in the form of printing or digital web hosting and distribution, increase a publisher's expense.

3. Build brand image :

Branded items and services become extremely popular as a result of repeated promotions. People are more trusting of marketed brands than they are of non-advertised brands. Most people choose well-known branded products since they are typically created from high-quality raw materials. As a result, there is a rise in demand for branded products.

4. Creating demand :

With adequate advertising strategies marketers create an impression in the mind of the target audience. Before any product goes into production, sales projection is calculated in order to get the cost of production and understand the demand and supply chain.

5. Maintain the exist market :

A forward-looking company or a going concern always has its eyes on future business prospects that it cannot be going to lose a place in the current position. A company’s success is shown not only in creating a market but also in its maintain and maintenance as per the changing environment.


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